Where’s Your Thinking Hat?

Keep your thinking hat on, even when you speak.


Be mindful of the words that flow from your mouth. One day they might flow back in and choke you. Just because you’re free to speak your mind, it doesn’t make you invincible to the impact of the things you say to others. Freedom of speech comes with responsibilities. If you can’t be responsible, then it’s best to keep your nasty thoughts hidden in your journal and don’t ever let it leave your mouth. Think before you speak is an adage that we should all live by. 

Gerunds on the Run

A poem about the most underrated art of waiting, where patience and mind games become one.


For something you’re not even sure of


You’ve been through this before


Aching, confusing, revolting, sinking feelings

A heady mixture of everything

Are you doing the right thing

By doing nothing





Unwilling to do anything

But simply waiting.