Death is a reminder about the impermanence of life. An irreversible event in an unknown timeline, where the ending is expected, but the going is forever regretted.


Where’s Your Thinking Hat?

Be mindful of the words that flow from your mouth. One day they might flow back in and choke you. Just because you’re free to speak your mind, it doesn’t make you invincible to the impact of the things you say to others. Freedom of speech comes with responsibilities. If you can’t be responsible, then it’s best to keep your nasty thoughts hidden in your journal and don’t ever let it leave your mouth. Think before you speak is an adage that we should all live by.

Just The Way Things Are

Self-belonging needs

validation and respect

mutually shared.

Being connected

becoming uncommonly

rare in the real time.

Sustaining friendship

through social media are such

a blessing these days.

Fleeting happiness

lives longer in memory.

and ever lasting.

Randomness at 40 ++

When you’re above 40

  • Although immuned to flattery, you can’t deny that it totally gets you when someone younger thinks you’re of the same age.
  • You’re either mellower or more opinionated about everything that’s happening in the world.
  • Being comfortable in your own skin is a gift that you wish for yourself. 
  • To be described as cool, no matter how corny it sounds, adds springs to your steps. 
  • In your mind, you stop growing past a certain age. If you have children, they get older every year on their birthday, but you remain ageless.
  • You come to terms that some friendships don’t last and it’s not anyone’s fault.
  • Spending money on a skincare is a must, but make-up takes a backseat.
  • It’s a proud moment when you’re no longer judgemental of other women, and embrace them in sisterhood.
  • The realization that your mum knows best is almost 80% accurate.
  • You know for sure that money can’t buy happiness. But it can provide a life that you can enjoy and experience that goodness.