Not two

Three would do

Four should be more


Says who?

Loud chaotic days

Messy home endless laundry


Attention seekers

Rules get ignored

Deafening screams contagious laughter


Red alert

Beware troubles brewing

Catastrophe about to begin


And Tween

Equally troublesome as

Terrible 3 & Snappy 7


Just four

Already I’m floored

Four too many, no?


And There Are Four

Just The Way Things Are

Self-belonging needs

validation and respect

mutually shared.

Being connected

becoming uncommonly

rare in the real time.

Sustaining friendship

through social media are such

a blessing these days.

Fleeting happiness

lives longer in memory.

and ever lasting.


As you are walking along an unfamiliar street, have you ever wondered about the life there? Are the occupants behind the walls living contentedly or perhaps praying hard for a change that seems impossible? Where are the children? Will they be out for some fun and games in the late afternoon? Laughing gleefully and chattering away in high spirit or will there only be quiet whispers in the air? If you knock on the doors, are you going to be invited in or being left standing outside and ignored?