Which one for you?

Though the decision is not ours, surely having a preference is allowed.


Romance and passion go hand in hand, as one won’t strive without the other. Myriads of unexplained emotions intensify the overwhelming experience. Unapologetic and rash while demanding for attention.

Whereas true love is subtle, as it quietly finds its way without causing so much of a stir. Keeping a respectful distance, yet making a strong presence even from afar.

Words Wonder

Words can heal, inspire and give comfort. Without words, life is nothing but an empty vessel heading nowhere.

Breathe in deeply, exhale slowly.

Love wholeheartedly.

Mindfulness matters a great deal.

Spread good vibes only.

Today was a good day, even if all you did was breathing and living.

Always have faith, and never stop believing in it.

Free your mind, body and soul.

Keep hope alive until your last breath.

Let’s coffee…coffee makes you happy. Trust me.

It’s Not You

We often hurt the ones we love. Strangely, it rings true all the time.

Didn’t mean to hurt your feeling,

Wouldn’t even dream to see you cry;

How horrible to see you hurting,

I desperately want to die.

Everything became so twisted,

Nothing could be undone;

Some might say it was fated,

But I wished that I could run.

When your eyes were glazed and wet,

My heart was smashed to million pieces;

Yours was equally broken too, I bet,

Would it be enough with sorry and kisses?

I wanted to embrace you badly,

But my arms were frozen like ice;

You stared ahead blankly,

I didn’t even know how to apologise.

The silence was deadly deafening ,

And emotions were in chaos;

Your cold eyes remained unblinking,

The air filled with utmost loss.

Should I begin with sorry?

Would that take the sting away?

Would you believe such sob story,

When there’s nothing else to say?

School of Thoughts

Life’s simple lessons

White is never in

Black’s what matters most

A kiss remains a kiss

There’s nothing more to boast

Ego is easily boost

Pride goes well with pain

Love is saying truce

Though the heart’s feeling strain

Being quiet is a saint

Having a voice is a bitch

Life’s like a can of paint

Splashes of colours will enrich

Fear is to dream aloud

Saying things you can do without

Decision to choose deserves applaud

Never ever say ‘Do count me out’


Cold Blooded, An Ode to Old Blokes

My middle school son asked about my ‘romantic’ relationship with boys in the past (surely he meant men, right?) e.g. How many boyfriends did you have? How did you know them? Have you met any of them now? Are you friends on Facebook? Are they married? ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

Anyway, such probing questions from a 10 year old mustn’t be taken lightly, so I answered them as honestly as I could. He wasn’t fazed by my responses except for the one on the number of boyfriends I had. Instead of mentioning numbers as it’s very important to be politically correct here, I said there were a couple of them. What? More than two?

Well, probably he found it shocking because he thought his dad would have many girlfriends, but not this boring old mum. Hah! Little that he knows about mum’s cool life once upon a time, not too long ago ๐Ÿ˜‰

Cold Blooded

I wear my heart on my sleeves

Thinking it’ll be easier to be seen

I am wronged.

You trampled on with the sweetest pleas

Taking advantage of what can be seen

My hurt is more than I can bear

Aching heart, bleeding profusely

I am wronged.

Your constant leeching leaving me bareย 

Everything you’ve taken so freely

I often wonder, what’s left in here

When empty shell is all I see

I am wronged.

Your presence never help, dear

A killer is what you turned out to be

Death calls I hear ringing from a distance

Coming nearer

I am wronged.

Your conscience’s clear, no sign of reluctance-

In fact could that be a silent cheer?


*Photo credit: Tim Marshall (Unsplash.com)


My Korean Connection

My love affair with South Korea started 6 years ago. No, it wasn’t for the food or K-pop mania. Nothing to do with the increasing number of Korean students in my class. Mine is solely for the love of  Korean dramas- from comedy to romance, I’m eternally hooked!  I religiously followed the dramas from beginning to end. Sometimes I even cheated when I was strapped for time. Since some of the dramas were already uploaded on Youtube, I’d watch bits and pieces just to stay in the loop! Later on, the variety shows, news and documentaries become a staple of my Korean diet. Unfortunately, I haven’t picked up the language apart from the greetings and short phrases I still have to rely on the subtitles. Sigh. Maybe it’s time to sign up for a Korean class this year!

Have a listen to these talented young singers. They are amazing…

Melted by Akdong Musician

Ice Flower by IU and Kim Yuna

Much Ado About Romance

When it comes to romance, adults are actually quite clueless!

During one of our daily chats, Ms. Smartypants, dropped a huge accusation against her dad. Apparently, she noticed that he hasn’t got a clue on how to be romantic. Ok, so what does she know about romance? Well…

Why wasn’t there a surprise dinner to celebrate my birthday? What about giving flowers or gifts to make me happy? And oh, why wouldn’t her manly dad carry me in his arms (I guess with my arms around his neck and my head resting on his chest kinda thing) up the stairs, to our room? Playfully I responded, perhaps I’m a little heavy for him. She huffed and rolled her eyes at me.

Looks like Ms. Smartypants truly believes in romantic dates and heart shaped chocolates. In her understanding, when you love someone, you shouldn’t let the romance die down. Though she’s too young to be a love guru, she’s probably right!