No one can teach you unless you’re willing to learn. Leave your pride behind, keep an open mind and be a gracious receiver. Know that learning is a process of discovery, so your attitude matters to ascertain what you’ll gain out of the experience. Learning doesn’t stop when the lesson ends. That’s just the beginning.


Learners for Life


I seek for perfection in my journey of life,

But God hides it well.

I crave for affection of the deepest kind,

But all I have are lies.

I strive for independence of the soul,

Yet, I’m trapped in this space of mine.

I stress on contentment of self,

But hunger for fake happiness surpasses it all.


I’m suffocated by unwanted love,

I’m choked with uninvited envies,

Adverse knowledge I gained from the society.


All I’m getting aren’t what I want.

So I pray to God for His compassion,

More often than not, I get it straight on.

Aiza@ Life is Such