Didn’t mean to hurt your feeling,

Wouldn’t even dream to see you cry;

How horrible to see you hurting,

I desperately want to die.

Everything became so twisted,

Nothing could be undone;

Some might say it was fated,

But I wished that I could run.

When your eyes were glazed and wet,

My heart was smashed to million pieces;

Yours was equally broken too, I bet,

Would it be enough with sorry and kisses?

I wanted to embrace you badly,

But my arms were frozen like ice;

You stared ahead blankly,

I didn’t even know how to apologise.

The silence was deadly deafening ,

And emotions were in chaos;

Your cold eyes remained unblinking,

The air filled with utmost loss.

Should I begin with sorry?

Would that take the sting away?

Would you believe such sob story,

When there’s nothing else to say?


It’s Not You

Alone once more

Shield away from the heat

By the muscular arms stretching out dutifully

Providing what little protection that it possibly can

And here beneath the dull blue sky

The open space spreads far and wide

In its emptiness quiet sobs echo in the breeze

As they settle amongst unsuspecting leaves

The air is heavy with anticipation

Waiting and wondering of the mysterious arrival

How faithfully she’s been there with the changing time

Never questioning not even a sigh

Holding on to the promise

They’ll be seeking her in time to unload and reflect

Or maybe even for the offer of comfort

Listen-the crushing dirt and swishing grass

Making its way here at last

Come. Sit.

Waiting is over for now

Stay as long as you wish


Here For A Reason