Just The Way Things Are

Self-belonging needs

validation and respect

mutually shared.

Being connected

becoming uncommonly

rare in the real time.

Sustaining friendship

through social media are such

a blessing these days.

Fleeting happiness

lives longer in memory.

and ever lasting.


Bits of Joy

A good read

A warm hello

A toothy smile

A clear blue sky

Morning breeze

Lounging in pyjamas

Freshly brewed coffee

A cool splash in the pool

Babies gurgled in their sleep

Strawberry jam, cream and scones

Discounted goods on a shopping spree

Dollops of whipped cream in chocolate drinks

Having love-feeling loved-giving love kind of thing

Fruity ice lolly in a sweltering hot afternoon

Tomato sandwich with a dash of salt

A box of chocolates not to be shared

A bunch of balloons

Walking in the rain

Mum’s cooking

Twinkling eyes

Nutella spread

A hearty laugh

A comfy bed