And There Are Four


Not two

Three would do

Four should be more


Says who?

Loud chaotic days

Messy home endless laundry


Attention seekers

Rules get ignored

Deafening screams contagious laughter


Red alert

Beware troubles brewing

Catastrophe about to begin


And Tween

Equally troublesome as

Terrible 3 & Snappy 7


Just four

Already I’m floored

Four too many, no?


The Grandest Gift

There’s so much truth in this. Friendship is truly a gift that you give yourself. Lucky is one who gets to enjoy this privilege to be with one or two, or a tribe of besties, who love them whole heartedly. I have mine and ever so grateful for that!

P/S Dear AJ, let’s not forget our promise when we grow old…we’ll continue to have our endless random chats from politics to husband’s antics, and have a great laugh! 

An ordinary thing

What’s the meaning of missing?

If only it’s easy to explain

Does it have to do with feelings?

Then apparently it’s not as plain as it seems

I thought the moments we spent flirting

Would merely lead to a little affair

The whirlwind fun ‘n games (we gladly called thing)

Hate to say it- has nothing to compare

For it seems

There’s more to it than meets the eye

Such a cliche, yes I know

It’s way too soon to conceptualize

Everything, anything or nothing could be in store

Yet it seems

All the circumstances and coincidence 

Appeared to alter each other’s lives

If only we could answer to what happens

Perhaps what seems, would be what’s there-

So it seems…



Objects of Affection

Of all the senses, I truly value the gift of vision. Without a doubt the rest are equally important, but being able to see can bring much joy in the experience that it creates. Looking at the amazing sights of nature calm my troubled mind and leave me with hope to keep striving. The vibrant colours that catch our eyes as well as the dullness of humans’ mistakes, provide an interesting contrast in this world. Even the murkiest river and the barren desert are beautiful in their own right. It’s not what you see but how you feel by taking in the whole big picture. When I’m stuck indoors and need a quick pick-me-up, I’ll turn to my inspiration board and let my eyes soak in the wonderment of beauty in the cut-outs. They are a unique mixture of objects, people and places that remind me about this wonderful life…to live, to love, to enjoy, to appreciate while it lasts.