What Becomes of Humanity?

The heart sank with each cruel fate that befell numerous innocent lives around the world. Is humanity dead or alive?


Nothing is shocking anymore these days

We heard it all before

Serial killers, sexual predators, suicide bombers,

Abusive partners, evil dictators, merciless militants…

A long list that doesn’t seem to end

With tyrannies and criminals making newsworthy items

Make us scream in anger: what the hell is wrong with the world today?

Wanting to feel safe but often showered with fear

By the unthinkable acts that are assaulting us senseless

Turning off the media for a temporary relief

Even then

Disasters rampantly continue to pop up

There could be one in our own backyard

At a nondescript location

Hapless victims silently praying for redemption

Such predicaments that befall the innocents

Inflicting them with bloody wounds and torturous souls

Permanent scars that resist to heal

Or untimely death just waiting

To end the ordeal

Oh, what’s becoming of humanity

Where is it hiding in this time of need?