I have this little craving

That comes in a box of Roses

To pop each one and munching

Zero care for the impact it poses.

I have this tiny longing

For a South Korea holiday

Seoul- Busan- Jeju island hopping

Promising good times all the way.

I have an itsy bitsy yearning 

For Longchamp totes collection

Solid hues would be a go-to thing

While cherry blossoms are my obsession.

I have a wee bit hankering

Soul searching on a mountain retreat

Hiking, meditating, sleeping and writing 

But wifi free can be a real huge feat.

I have this strong wanting

A cuppa hot mocha with cream 

Forget the calories counting

Letting lose in this sugary dream.

I have a lingering thought

And it got to stop now

It truly really ought

To stop this stomach growl.


Wishful Thinking

In an ideal world, I’d be drinking coffee like having water. From a tall glass of latte to a mug of mocha, then a shot of espresso or a cup of kopi-O and perhaps some cappuccino or macchiato to complete the loop. The drinks would flow seamlessly down my throat and leaving that bitter stale aftermath in my mouth. All the while, I’d be curled up with a novel or two to will away the hours while responsibility is nothing more than a meaningless word. Coffee, books and me. What a great company we would be…in an ideal world that is.

TOP 10 DO’s

This is my list on how to function at the most optimum state of being:

  • Drink a glass of water half an hour after waking up in the morning
  • Pray or meditate to refocus and be grateful for a new day- also choose one thing to improve on such as not drinking too much coffee
  • Go for a quick walk and breathe in the cool morning air
  • Take a cold shower for a refreshing start (Malaysia is pretty warm these days, so I usually skip the water heater)
  • Get dressed in something comfortable (not scratchy and sweaty) but chic enough to go anywhere or be seen by anyone
  • Have a cup of piping hot coffee to rev up the brain 
  • Spend at least an hour on my own or with like minded adult- away from the adorable but distracting kids
  • Be inspired by reading thoughtful posts on social media 
  • Laugh at the funnies and share them with others
  • Drink more piping hot coffee or tea or chocolate (and water of course) to stay sane and in the game

So, how do you keep it together when life is one long winding road? Care to share?