When there’s nothing much going on, the brain tends to wander off. Giving lots of time for longings.


I have this little craving

That comes in a box of Roses

To pop each one and munching

Zero care for the impact it poses.

I have this tiny longing

For a South Korea holiday

Seoul- Busan- Jeju island hopping

Promising good times all the way.

I have an itsy bitsy yearning 

For Longchamp totes collection

Solid hues would be a go-to thing

While cherry blossoms are my obsession.

I have a wee bit hankering

Soul searching on a mountain retreat

Hiking, meditating, sleeping and writing 

But wifi free can be a real huge feat.

I have this strong wanting

A cuppa hot mocha with cream 

Forget the calories counting

Letting lose in this sugary dream.

I have a lingering thought

And it got to stop now

It truly really ought

To stop this stomach growl.

Much Ado About Romance

When it comes to romance, adults are actually quite clueless!

During one of our daily chats, Ms. Smartypants, dropped a huge accusation against her dad. Apparently, she noticed that he hasn’t got a clue on how to be romantic. Ok, so what does she know about romance? Well…

Why wasn’t there a surprise dinner to celebrate my birthday? What about giving flowers or gifts to make me happy? And oh, why wouldn’t her manly dad carry me in his arms (I guess with my arms around his neck and my head resting on his chest kinda thing) up the stairs, to our room? Playfully I responded, perhaps I’m a little heavy for him. She huffed and rolled her eyes at me.

Looks like Ms. Smartypants truly believes in romantic dates and heart shaped chocolates. In her understanding, when you love someone, you shouldn’t let the romance die down. Though she’s too young to be a love guru, she’s probably right!