For a change to take place, it’s important for us to realize one thing. That change can only come from a place called ME. If ME refused to budge, even the universe wouldn’t be able to conspire. So, be the change that you want to see.


Because It’s Questionable

If you could, would you turn back the clock and fiddle with the past for a more favourable outcome?

Did you envision any of the circumstances that shape your (then) future?

What are the impacts on your life now?

Are you yearning for something different?

Why do you have children, if you aren’t ready for parenthood?

Having children of your own, don’t you agree that a mum knows best?

Would you work and travel extensively before settling down to raise your kids?

Have you ever thought of changing your career when unfounded criticism got the best of you?

When you hit your lowest low, did you ever feel like giving up everything?

Your family and children are always above your own needs. Why?

As you go through a rough patch, have you ever questioned your faith in God?

Can’t you simply accept what life dishes out without complaining?

I used to believe that I wouldn’t entertain such thoughts. In reality, the questions would be playing in my head like a broken record accompanied by a terrible pain in my heart. Such is the human heart- mushy and easily troubled over things it has no control.

But we mustn’t let the undesirable results of our choices drag us down. Try to remember the times when you got it right and how it lifted your spirit for as long as you allow it. Do the same when it’s not. Acknowledge the hurt, note the lesson learnt and move on. You’re still in control of your life. It’s your decision to dwell in the regretful past or lead a life worth living. After all, life is about choices and consequences.


Close Your Eyes Darling

In your travels, you might've encountered sleeping in the most luxurious bed, that was as comfortable as how aesthetically pleasing it looked. You fell in love and wished that you could take it home. After a couple of nights though, your feelings changed. That was when your yearning for the good old bed back home started.

Oh, yes. The best sleep is definitely in the comfort of one's own bed, with its familiar smell and texture. A combination that will lull you away in no time to the land of endless possibilities…


Where’s Your Thinking Hat?

Be mindful of the words that flow from your mouth. One day they might flow back in and choke you. Just because you’re free to speak your mind, it doesn’t make you invincible to the impact of the things you say to others. Freedom of speech comes with responsibilities. If you can’t be responsible, then it’s best to keep your nasty thoughts hidden in your journal and don’t ever let it leave your mouth. Think before you speak is an adage that we should all live by. 


It’s Not You

Didn’t mean to hurt your feeling,

Wouldn’t even dream to see you cry;

How horrible to see you hurting,

I desperately want to die.

Everything became so twisted,

Nothing could be undone;

Some might say it was fated,

But I wished that I could run.

When your eyes were glazed and wet,

My heart was smashed to million pieces;

Yours was equally broken too, I bet,

Would it be enough with sorry and kisses?

I wanted to embrace you badly,

But my arms were frozen like ice;

You stared ahead blankly,

I didn’t even know how to apologise.

The silence was deadly deafening ,

And emotions were in chaos;

Your cold eyes remained unblinking,

The air filled with utmost loss.

Should I begin with sorry?

Would that take the sting away?

Would you believe such sob story,

When there’s nothing else to say?


Learners for Life

No one can teach you unless you’re willing to learn. Leave your pride behind, keep an open mind and be a gracious receiver. Know that learning is a process of discovery, so your attitude matters to ascertain what you’ll gain out of the experience. Learning doesn’t stop when the lesson ends. That’s just the beginning.