A friend once asked how everything was with my life then. She found most of the posts here a little bleak and wondered if I was okay. Maybe just maybe, the dark undertones were undeniably present. Anyhow I gave the standard positive reply …things couldn’t have been any better. A huge smile plastered across my face. Yup. That was it. But that was a lie.

Why would one lie about feelings? Isn’t it easier to spill it out so the world won’t get a chance to misunderstand? What’s there to lose but a couple of minutes, or a dry throat, or a bucket of tears, or simply some dignity? 

All I know is this. I’m not comfortable reaching out to others over my troubles, no matter how big or small. These battles are mine to fight and I will do exactly that. When you see me and have a hunch that I’m struggling, just do one thing. Give me a genuine smile and a warm hug, then say a prayer quietly in your head. I’d appreciate it a lot. Really.

Randomness at 40

When you’re above 40

  • Although immuned to flattery, you can’t deny that it totally gets you when someone younger thinks you’re of the same age.
  • You’re either mellower or more opinionated about everything that’s happening in the world.
  • Being comfortable in your own skin is a gift that you wish for yourself. 
  • To be described as cool, no matter how corny it sounds, adds springs to your steps. 
  • In your mind, you stop growing past a certain age. If you have children, they get older every year on their birthday, but you remain ageless.
  • You come to terms that some friendships don’t last and it’s not anyone’s fault.
  • Spending money on a skincare is a must, but make-up takes a backseat.
  • It’s a proud moment when you’re no longer judgemental of other women, and embrace them in sisterhood.
  • The realization that your mum knows best is almost 80% accurate.
  • You know for sure that money can’t buy happiness. But it can provide a life that you can enjoy and experience that goodness.

Who Do You Miss, Ms?

I miss teaching. But more than that I miss having a class of students attached to me for the academic year. Being involved in their learning journey, discovering new stuff together and watching them grow as a learner and an individual are one of the most heart warming experience. It’s like that proud parent moment when your child reaches his milestone. There would be tough times for sure, but it would be forgotten far too soon.

Some of my fond memories stretched back almost two decades ago during my first year of teaching. Those kids are now adults who are either working or studying in universities. Their childlike faces in my photos collection, are precious reminder of how I was a part of their childhood. Hopefully, they’ll think fondly of me sometimes.

The reality is teachers don’t need awards or recognitions to fuel their passion. As long as their memory lives on in the hearts of their students, they’ll carry on teaching until the end. One day I’d love to meet my little people and ask them, “What are you up to, guys?”

Once a teacher, always a teacher.


World of Bricks

How I wish the world is like lego bricks

Colourful, changeable and fun

Piecing them into whatever you fancy

Then breaking loose when you’re done

No hard feelings when smashed to pieces

Things can be built in a matter of time

Though no guarantee their presence would last 

The possibilities are endless they’re all in your mind

Just be anything that you want to be

The highest skyscraper, a well known footballer, or some simple deco plants

Everything is welcome here at the lego land 

Where changes are expected with no deadlines

Unleash imaginations

Kick out the inner critic

Be amazing

Stay plastic 

Enjoy life in the land of the bricks.