Do You Believe

Do you believe in fairy tales

Where dreams do come true

And good guys always win the race

And live happily ever after too

Fluffy cotton candy clouds

Showering gum drops down below

On a fancy castle or a gingerbread house

Sets on a valley of green meadow

Fairy dusts and magic spells

Sprinkled paths of magical quest

Possibilities aplenty in this hopeful land

But reality got to take a rest.


Where’s Your Thinking Hat?

Be mindful of the words that flow from your mouth. One day they might flow back in and choke you. Just because you’re free to speak your mind, it doesn’t make you invincible to the impact of the things you say to others. Freedom of speech comes with responsibilities. If you can’t be responsible, then it’s best to keep your nasty thoughts hidden in your journal and don’t ever let it leave your mouth. Think before you speak is an adage that we should all live by.


Learners for Life

No one can teach you unless you’re willing to learn. Leave your pride behind, keep an open mind and be a gracious receiver. Know that learning is a process of discovery, so your attitude matters to ascertain what you’ll gain out of the experience. Learning doesn’t stop when the lesson ends. That’s just the beginning.


Life Inspired



I’m Ugly, So What?

By chance you met someone you haven’t seen for ages on the street, and the first thing she said after the usual airy fairy kisses, 

‘You look fab! Have you lost weight?’

In other words, previously you were looking so so. Nothing worth mentioning or probably too kind to say you were pudgy before and you looked ugly. But what’s up with that? Am I unattractive when my bones aren’t sticking out?

Another example:

‘I love your new hair cut! But you gotta do something about your white hair’

Right. When you love something about someone, nip the buts. Keep the positive and bite your tongue. More people these days are embracing the signs of aging or natural defects proudly, without feeling the urge to wipe them out. And let’s say you’re giving a compliment only to be nice, don’t. Just smile and keep your real thoughts to yourself. 

Oh, and this as well:

‘She’s gorgeous! So lucky to have fair skin’. 

All of us are born with different shades, that are not only made up of fair, medium and dark. Also having skin as white as snow, isn’t the only sign of beauty. However, if you want to go for whitening treatments, obviously nobody should be questioning your choice. 

As for me, I tan easily. Sometimes I’m a latte and I can be a mocha the next minute. Though it doesn’t bother me, I do find it annoying when someone asked,

‘What happened to you? You’re darker now’.

We got to stop these shallow perceptions when commenting on someone’s appearance. Everybody’s beautiful in their own way and that is how it’s meant to be. The standard of beauty should remain highly subjective instead of prescriptive as dictated by others. Appreciate our unique differences and give sincere compliments. No buts and ifs, would be a good start.

‘You’re beautiful’. Full stop. Oh, yes you are 😍



Please Mr. Postman 

Please Mr. Postman. Please drop by. Bring me some cheer. Need a reason to smile. Show some love please. Don’t make me cry. You’re my hero. I’m your number 1 fan. 


One word is all that I need

Seconds, minutes and hours have passed

And yet, 

I’m still helplessly alone with an empty screen.

Beauty of Sorts

Is there anyone who doesn’t appreciate beauty? Be it looking at a pretty face or an eye-catching painting, beautiful things bring about a sense of joy in our hearts. Some say beauty is superficial and it’s not worthy of the sentiment that’s attached to it, but I beg to differ. I’m in love with things that give aesthetic pleasure for the excitement that I get in this otherwise ho-hum life. But I don’t spend my time pursuing them. That’s just not me. Instead, my pleasure comes from the unexpected encounter on the street, in nature, in the pages of glossy magazines, on TV shows…basically, wherever my eyes take me, I’ll be sure to find my gem of a beauty there!

Remember that the most beautiful things in the world are the most useless; peacocks and lilies for instance ~John Ruskin


Borrowing Oprah’s Wisdom


Life ends when we stop trying. It also ends when we stop questioning and leaving everything to chance. Start taking control of the steering wheel, discover the roads not taken with an open eyes and an open heart. Soak it all in. Reflect and learn from the journey to become a better person even if it ends unfavourably. That’s the learning process. And that’s what life is all about.


If you’re a freethinker,

I won’t force you to accept my belief.

If you’re single and has no interest in a relationship,

I won’t ask you why.

If you’re childless after years of marriage,

I won’t bring up the topic to offer free advice.

If you’re being unfairly judgemental,

I won’t even try to change your narrow mindset.

If you’re bitter about life,

I won’t let you inflict your pessimism.

If you’re living with an abusive partner,

I won’t ask you to stay for the sake of your children or the fear of the threats.

If you’re feeling depressed and saying so,

I won’t dismiss it as tiredness from your busy life.

If you’re unable to achieve happiness even when you have all you need,

I won’t judge you too quickly and label you an ungrateful b****

If you’re an unkempt homemaker (with a child in tow) or a carer of your ill or aging loved ones,

I won’t make you feel insecure by calling you lazy and unorganized.

If you’re hurting but unwilling to disclose your griefs,

I won’t pressure you to share just be there to show I care.

If you’re bold and reckless hungry for adventures,

I won’t clip your wings but pray for your safety.

But if you’re rude,

I won’t take it sitting down- that’s where I draw the line.

Leibster Award

Being a newbie can be pretty daunting- even in the virtual world where nobody knows the real you except what you’re willing to show. Since I only started blogging in February this year, I often wonder if it is possible to get others to read and enjoy my posts. Anyway, when Shahz Sure Scribbles nominated me for the Leibster Award, I was so pleased and honoured to be chosen for this. Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness! I’m thankful for the award and the chance to share some bits about myself.

So, here we go…

  1. I turned 42 last April, a Taurean and a Tiger
  2. I have two birthdays 😃
  3. After graduating from the university, I taught in an international school for 17 years before resigning in August 2015
  4. The love of my life is made up of a toddler, a pre-schooler, a tween, a teen and a middle-aged man- two older boys and two younger girls to be exact
  5. Besides the lovelies above, I have an on going love affair with chocolates, hot mocha and teh tarik, a Malaysian sweet thick milk tea
  6. I read everything and anything for entertainment- reading has always been my favourite pastime since young and I have a habit of bringing something to read wherever I go
  7. I find Jane Austen, Oprah Winfrey, Paulo Coelho, Tarik Ramadan and Tom Hanks inspiring
  8. Walking, writing, shopping and having a cuppa help me de-stress after a long day or a pick me up when going through a horrid time
  9. I’m a great fan of Korean documentaries, dramas and variety shows on TV though I don’t speak the language-would love to visit the country one day
  10. A city that I enjoy visiting again and again is Jakarta, Indonesia
  11. Heights give me the fright

The questions I was given:

1.Do you believe in God?

Yes, I do with all my heart, without a doubt and I also believe in the power of prayers.

2.What is Blogging to you?

A way to unwind by letting the words do all the talking- a therapeutic exercise in unloading thoughts and emotions

3.What is your biggest goal in life and why?

Hmm…truthfully I don’t have one but if it’s a goal for now, I’d like to be debt free so that I can fully enjoy this temporary ‘retirement’ by not having concerns on financial expenses

4.Are you family oriented and What does family mean to you?

My family always comes first no matter what, so yes! They are my home, heart and soul- the core of my being

5.Life’s biggest challenge that you’ve faced,and when?

The year after having my youngest child- had a tough time juggling work and home as the demands of both were too much to cope with. Everything was overwhelming but I had to put up a brave and positive front in order to stay sane and keep going. It consumed too much of my well-being that depression was looming and I hated myself for not being able to snap out of it. Thus the reason for taking a break from working so that I can rebuild my inner peace.

6.Your views on traveling and when did you catch the travel Bug?

I love discovering new places as it opens up your eyes to another world that is probably similar or different to yours. Caught the travel bug when I was in primary school where I often visited my families living in different parts of Malaysia over the school breaks. Sometimes it would just be me and my elder sister making the trips on a bus- a real adventure to be without an adult in tow!

7.Best travel destination and why?
Perth, Australia. I love the open space, and how easy it is to get around with its reliable public transports. Also the city is kids friendly which is very important when you’re travelling with the family.

8.Are you a Foodie?

Absolutely! Malaysia is a foodie heaven where food is the main topic of most conversation…and it’s available 24/7 😋

9.How do you describe Desserts?

A delightful mood booster

10.If you were given a chance,what would you do to change the world?

Making all countries responsible for preserving the environment so that the world will still be liveable for the future generation.

11.Lastly, how would you like to be remembered?

A warm-hearted person who is a friend to everyone

My questions to my nominees:

  1. What inspires you to blog?
  2. Do you have a hidden talent-what is it?
  3. Are you an introvert or extrovert? Or something in between (I’m a closet intovert!)
  4. If you were a world leader, who would you be and why?
  5. Which human traits that you truly can’t tolerate?
  6. Describe yourself in one word.
  7. When someone hurt you, what is your usual reaction? Do you forgive easily?
  8. What’s your favourite music genre? List your top 3 singers/bands
  9. What was your ambition when you were in primary school? What are you doing now?
  10. Do you support any welfare or charity groups?
  11. Give a description of your personal style- is there a statement colour/ accessory/ jewellery that makes you unique

Here are the rules for the Liebster Award:
1) Thank the blog who nominated you and link back to them.

2) Make a blog post telling 11 facts about you.

3) Answer the 11 questions from the blog who nominated you,

4) Prepare 11 questions for those you will nominate.

5) Nominate 5 new bloggers (those who have less than 200 followers)

My nominees are:

  1. Soultoink
  2. Juniorchills
  3. Thinkdigest
  4. Musingsofablueberry
  5. Sydneystreetblog

Apologies if some of you have done this before, but I personally would like to know more about you. Thanks heaps in advance and I hope you’ll enjoy it 🙂

Gerunds on the Run


For something you’re not even sure of


You’ve been through this before


Aching, confusing, revolting, sinking feelings

A heady mixture of everything

Are you doing the right thing

By doing nothing





Unwilling to do anything

But simply waiting.



Walk. Park. Nature. Workout therapy. 2 in 1. Balanced lifestyle. Fun. Joy. Chats. Effortless. Unpretentious. Companion. Bond. Sharing. Moments. Heart to heart. Non-judgemental. Unconditional. Dependable. Healing. Love. True. Cheerleader. Supporter. Inspirational. Mentor. Motivator. Listener. Happiness. Moody blues. Laughter. Tears. Life journey. Better half. Good times. Bad times. Could be better times. Uplifting. Sisterhood. Soul sister. Best friend. One-of-a-kind. A valued gift for life.



Dream a little, live life to the fullest

Dreams aren’t what you leave behind when morning comes.

They are the stuff that fill your every living moment.

~David Cuschieri


Baking Therapy

About two weeks ago, I received a sweet surprise from a friend who is a thriving online entrepreneur at Mama Chaks Online. Her store offers local and homemade products from various vendors, where you can place an order and it gets delivered to your doorstep. What’s not to love about online shopping- scroll, point and click. Your items will be with you without having to leave the house (with some tiny tots in tow trying to get a parking space and using all your wits to keep them ‘occupied’ so you can quickly grab your groceries and be home in time for the older ones to get there from school) There are food stuff like energy bars, frozen food, lactation cookies, premix bakes, beverages and even skincare on sale. Well, that’s just to name a few!

So, as I opened the package, a whiff of delicious aroma filled the air…there was not one but three packets of premix bakes waiting to be discovered! Stacked prettily against each other were BBB Dreamy Scones Premix,  BBB Perfect Butter Cake Premix and BBB Signature Dark Chocolate Brownies. BBB stands for Brown Butter Bakes a popular vendor at Mama Chaks who offers premix bakes and caramel sauce. Personally, I haven’t bought any items from BBB but I tasted the caramel sauce at a friend’s place where she used it in her dessert. Sweet and salty sensation😋😋😋

I think Shaz, the lovely friend who was responsible for the sweet surprise, probably read my pathetic post Sweet For My Sweets about not having time to bake. Whatever it was the timing was perfect- this mum was all gung-ho ready to put on her apron and whip up a treat! Alas, something came up and the baking dreams had to be put on hold for weeks…oh, such disappointment knowing I was that close to bakers’ heaven, yet time was as usual the major culprit.

After freeing myself from the many this and thats, the baking day arrived and I decided to kill two birds with one stone; a catch-up time cum baking session with my bestie and our kids. Yippee! I told the kids that they’d be baking brownies that afternoon. You can imagine the kind of excitement that came about especially from my pre-schooler who wanted to take charge of everything. Ooh, don’t ever underestimate the confidence of a 5++ year old.

Finally we baked for the first time this year. Guess who did most of the job? Hahaha… The kids took over and my bestie’s 10 year old daughter helped a lot. She was extremely patient to boot. My girls loved being involved, especially when breaking and beating the eggs😱Thankfully not that many cracked shells got into the mixture. The whole process didn’t take too long. Preparation was about 30 minutes, but it could be shorter if there was no disruption and another 30 minutes for baking. All in all, by using the premix we had our delicious brownies in an hour. Super lovely for harried mums and young kids to discover the wonderful world of baking!

An afternoon well spent in a good company for a timely downtime, while the kids got to enjoy the much awaited baking session. A win-win situation for us all.

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Mind over matter…if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter!

All I’m left with is this title, whilst the actual post that I sent for publishing vanished without a trace. My draft was empty, as though it was just a dream. Unfortunately, for the life of me, I simply couldn’t rewrite what I wrote earlier. It’s not the same anymore. It doesn’t feel right.

To me writing is like capturing the moment at the precise time. When the words flow, you keep going until the end appears on its own. A writer becomes the vehicle that enables the narration to take shape. Be it beautiful or ugly, that depends on the interpretation of the ideas throughout the writing process. 

Because of this, I can’t bring myself to share the same story like the one that went missing. I felt cheated and upset by the whole incident. Am I overreacting?

The Fall


Is the feeling of a lonesome man

Being sucked once more

Into a vacant black hole.

Nauseous twirling sensation

Twisting and turning and falling

Deeper and deeper still.

Helplessly reaching out.

Elbows slamming at jagged wall.


“Let yourself go,” a whisper reaches his ears.

Muscles relax.

Pain is ebbing away.

It’s definitely easier to let go.


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A Song for Me 

Before I decided to leave my job to be with my own kids (I’ve always called my students ‘my kids’) never in my entire life the thought of staying home crossed my mind. I was very driven and challenges fuelled me to forge ahead by pushing all limits. Saying NO is something rare in my vocabulary. Although there were times when things didn’t work out, my mantra of ‘No Regrets’ helped to soften the blow.

So, I spent every breathing minute mulling over and over until my brain felt like it would burst. Among my main worries were boredom, financial dependence and loss of identity (I’m still struggling with these by the way). Having a career for seventeen years was like being in a long standing relationship. You can’t just call it quits and walk out the door without being affected emotionally and mentally by that decision. It was truly one of the hardest decision to make.

Then I realised the choice was actually about letting go of something that wasn’t making me happy. That was it and the deal was done. I straightened my shoulders, stood tall and walked away with a spring in my step. There’s no telling of what’s in store, but that’s the least of my worry right now. I’m going with the flow for a new adventure and like my older and wiser friends used to say…you won’t regret it!

My Wish by Rascal Flatts is my all time favourite song. The wordings are beautiful and you can easily relate to its profound message. Here’s something that you’d wish for someone and make the same wish for you.

Click on the link and enjoy 🤗

Rascal Flatts’ My Wish