Just The Way Things Are

Self-belonging needs

validation and respect

mutually shared.

Being connected

becoming uncommonly

rare in the real time.

Sustaining friendship

through social media are such

a blessing these days.

Fleeting happiness

lives longer in memory.

and ever lasting.


I’m Ugly, So What?

By chance you met someone you haven’t seen for ages on the street, and the first thing she said after the usual airy fairy kisses, 

‘You look fab! Have you lost weight?’

In other words, previously you were looking so so. Nothing worth mentioning or probably too kind to say you were pudgy before and you looked ugly. But what’s up with that? Am I unattractive when my bones aren’t sticking out?

Another example:

‘I love your new hair cut! But you gotta do something about your white hair’

Right. When you love something about someone, nip the buts. Keep the positive and bite your tongue. More people these days are embracing the signs of aging or natural defects proudly, without feeling the urge to wipe them out. And let’s say you’re giving a compliment only to be nice, don’t. Just smile and keep your real thoughts to yourself. 

Oh, and this as well:

‘She’s gorgeous! So lucky to have fair skin’. 

All of us are born with different shades, that are not only made up of fair, medium and dark. Also having skin as white as snow, isn’t the only sign of beauty. However, if you want to go for whitening treatments, obviously nobody should be questioning your choice. 

As for me, I tan easily. Sometimes I’m a latte and I can be a mocha the next minute. Though it doesn’t bother me, I do find it annoying when someone asked,

‘What happened to you? You’re darker now’.

We got to stop these shallow perceptions when commenting on someone’s appearance. Everybody’s beautiful in their own way and that is how it’s meant to be. The standard of beauty should remain highly subjective instead of prescriptive as dictated by others. Appreciate our unique differences and give sincere compliments. No buts and ifs, would be a good start.

‘You’re beautiful’. Full stop. Oh, yes you are 😍



What Becomes of Humanity?

Nothing is shocking anymore these days

We heard it all before

Serial killers, sexual predators, suicide bombers,

Abusive partners, evil dictators, merciless militants…

A long list that doesn’t seem to end

With tyrannies and criminals making newsworthy items

Make us scream in anger: what the hell is wrong with the world today?

Wanting to feel safe but often showered with fear

By the unthinkable acts that are assaulting us senseless

Turning off the media for a temporary relief

Even then

Disasters rampantly continue to pop up

There could be one in our own backyard

At a nondescript location

Hapless victims silently praying for redemption

Such predicaments that befall the innocents

Inflicting them with bloody wounds and torturous souls

Permanent scars that resist to heal

Or untimely death just waiting

To end the ordeal

Oh, what’s becoming of humanity

Where is it hiding in this time of need?



“Solitude is something you choose. Loneliness is imposed on you by others” ~Hara Estroff Marano

Sometimes it’s nicer to be alone

On a solo ride

Listening to fleeting thoughts

Interruptions are far from sight

There’s so much to catch-up

Ultimately it’s a time well spent

Doing justice to the mad rat race- for

Energy boosting therapy that’s efficient and cost-free


Read the article on the subject of solitude by Hara Estroff Marano at Psychology Today What is solitude?




Liberty. Literally it means to be free doing what you want without being imposed to follow a certain way. But we are bound by duties…restricted by the system in the society. The norms and expectations that probably came from centuries old civilizations. Strangely, the only place for this freedom is within yourself. In your head. In your mind.

Aspiration = Destruction



that’s politics.

The key for making a change

in this corrupted world.


are fascinated.

How people are used to serve the purpose

of gaining glory.


that’s about all it needs.

Play with words well and the rest is yours, be careful

it can trigger chaos.


it’s so easy.

Any sidewalk traders know the secret

of massaging the minds.


your victory.

Once you master the game

all battles are yours to win.


you thought.

Worshippers all around spreading your goodwill

though it will be a matter of time when you wish

you can turn back history.