I tell others to be strong

But here I am crumbling inside

I always say don’t bottle up your feelings

But I put a tight lid on mine

I stress on letting go

But I find myself not moving on

I keep saying it’s going to be okay

But I’m losing hope for a better day

I encourage positivity

But I’m letting darkness get the best of me.

Oh, why then am I telling these lies?


Hey Change, So Glad You Made It!

Change is here, can you see her coming?

Amid joyous cheers and victorious chanting.

Her head’s held high, but her cheeks are wet,

Tears of happiness are gladly met.

Though the air is heady, her footsteps steady

After all this time, she’s absolutely ready.

Change is here, can you see her there?

Give her a hand and show that you care.

Can’t guarantee what tomorrow will bring,

Only this is certain; change is happening.

What’s the Price?

If sacrifice has a value

How much would you rate it?

To go through extreme measures

Enduring countless challenges

Giving it all without questioning

Painstakingly exercising patience

In the name of sacrifice

Is it ultimately worth it?

Where glory is never to be found

Tho heartaches are aplenty

Losing yourself in the process

And probably some dignity

What is it then

If sacrifice has a value?

Only You Don’t Know

You’re a racist. Yes, you are. Listen to the way you speak. Look at the way you stare. When no one’s listening. When no one’s aware. You’re a racist. Yes, you are.

You’re a racist. I’ve seen your smirk. I’ve observed your twitch. You’re a racist. I’ve sniffed your silent disgust. I’ve sensed your offensive vibes. You’re a racist.

Oh yes, you are.

halo effect

Don’t judge the book by its cover

is a real cliché

first look is everything

says everybody around me

how can we be sure of someone we know

but still a stranger?

We’ve been together on and off

according to the weather

it’s been this way between us

together but not in the right sense

i can never say i know him

as he’s different every time we met.

From his appearance and reputation

he’s a bad lot but he’s not

when i think he’s not he is

for he admits it he’s bad

a bad person won’t say he’s bad

as a mad person won’t say he’s mad

perhaps he’s bad and i’m scared

for he has great effect on me.

Mysterious Beauty

A laughter that rings the sweetest of melody

Like a symphony echoing on the mountain top

With an engaging smile spreading ray of light

Its golden halo stretching miles apart

And as hopeful admirers keep wishing for more

She vanishes as quickly as she appears.