Life’s Mission

I believe there’s a reason for each one of us to be here in this world. Not only humans, but every being has its role in life’s sustainability. We’re all bits and pieces of God’s creations who are co-existing harmoniuously for a balance. But sometimes our contributions may seem too subtle to be noticed.

Even if my existence doesn’t create a huge impact on how the world runs; I must and I will continue to benefit others around me by being who I am. A person who cares about putting a smile on someone’s face.

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.

Maya Angelou


What’s a Meaningful Life?

Borrowed Time

No one knows that exact moment when the heart will stop beating and the rest of the organs will shut down. Whether we like it or not we’re living on borrowed time. And not only this life is on loan, everything else that we own are not ours to start with. They can be taken away without any warnings in just a matter of seconds. We should be grateful with each passing moment when time is showing its mercy by allowing us to be here; living and enjoying what we love.

*Sheer-scribbles series

Busy Much?

I don’t need to pretend to be busy because I am. Even when you don’t see me doing anything, the chaos inside my head is keeping me pretty much occupied.

*Sheer-scribbles series

Killing Time

People say all sorts of things

Just to fill the void

I keep fiddling with my rings

Trying not to be annoyed.

Some are genuinely nice

While others are clearly not

They freely give advice

But I’m not easily bought.

My poor head is pounding

As the chatters continue

This fake smile is thinning

Though none takes the cue.

How sad if my end is here

Drowning in a mindless chat

It’s not death that I fear

But the fact of where I’m at.

I’d rather be lost in solitude

Having silence for company

Enduring with great fortitude

Away from chattery tyranny.

No Dramas Please

I’ve a fair share of high dramas, so I totally don’t need to get sucked into others’.

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A Matter Of Course

Cultivate self-love and dignity, before allowing others to enter your life with their emotional baggage and undesirable ideals.

* Sheer-scribbles series

Stay in the Moment

Cherish the unfolding moment wholeheartedly as much as possible. Let its imprint tattooed in your memory. Forget the social media updates just for a bit; for photos capture the sight, but never the soul within. Perhaps there’s a time when the memory is all you have…at least it’s filled with plenty of good stuff to replay.

Which is Worse?

Indifference has nothing to do with ignorance. It’s a choice of being detached rather than having lack of knowledge.

You Are Your Story

Every story has a different beginning with an unknown ending. Just like every journey charts a different path and faces unthinkable fate. Knowing this should stop us from carelessly judging others, or categorizing them in simplified boxes. Although life is simple, experiences are not- the twists and turns makes us unique. You’ve never walked in that person’s shoes, neither would you ever get to do so.

Blessing Twenty-nine

An observant eye and a compassionate heart, accompanied by a helping hand. Though help is never expected, it’s gratefully welcomed in times of need.

Blessing Twenty-eight

When you start loving what you already have… there’s absolutely nothing more that you ever need.

A fulfilled life is an outlook, not a requirement.

Blessing Twenty-seven

Being content with who you are, where you are and what you have.

Contentment is not about accepting a mediocre life. It comes from knowing that certain things are meant to be just so, in attaining true happiness.

Blessing Twenty-six

Making progress, albeit rather slowly and too tiny to mention. A little something is better than nothing.

Blessing Twenty-five

The smell of nature rejuvenates the senses and cleanses the soul. A wonderful start to the day.

Blessing Twenty

When empathy is present, you know you are (or trying to be) a decent human being. Don’t be hard on others because life is hard as it is.

Blessing Fourteen

A fit and healthy body with every single part functioning effectively; and well supported by a balanced emotion.

Blessing Thirteen

Legs. Walking. Moving about without help. Free to roam this world and experience life to the fullest.

Blessing Three

Living a busy life without putting your needs first is not good for your health and morale. Miraculously there are quick pick-me-ups like chocolate, coffee and online shopping.

Randomness At 40++ (Part 2)

When you’re above 40…

  • Fads are no longer on your curiosity list. It’s rather nice to be different than blending in…oblivious than know-it-all.
  • You don’t wait for a special reason to reward yourself. Each breathing moment is a celebration itself.
  • For a peace of mind, forgiving someone comes naturally as emotional baggage is downright draining.
  • Taking full responsibility of your mistakes instead of playing the blame game to appease your ego.
  • Your kids are unique individuals who happen to share your genes, but that’s where the similarity ends. Don’t expect them to be like you.
  • It doesn’t matter whether you eat to live or live to eat. Life’s too short to worry about your diet.
  • Be loving and kind to your closest and dearest without keeping score. Love doesn’t seek equality, it’s the sincerity of one’s heart.