Blessing Twenty

When empathy is present, you know you are (or trying to be) a decent human being. Don’t be hard on others because life is hard as it is.


Blessing Fourteen

A fit and healthy body with every single part functioning effectively; and well supported by a balanced emotion.

Blessing Three

Living a busy life without putting your needs first is not good for your health and morale. Miraculously there are quick pick-me-ups like chocolate, coffee and online shopping.

Randomness At 40++ (Part 2)

When you’re above 40…

  • Fads are no longer on your curiosity list. It’s rather nice to be different than blending in…oblivious than know-it-all.
  • You don’t wait for a special reason to reward yourself. Each breathing moment is a celebration itself.
  • For a peace of mind, forgiving someone comes naturally as emotional baggage is downright draining.
  • Taking full responsibility of your mistakes instead of playing the blame game to appease your ego.
  • Your kids are unique individuals who happen to share your genes, but that’s where the similarity ends. Don’t expect them to be like you.
  • It doesn’t matter whether you eat to live or live to eat. Life’s too short to worry about your diet.
  • Be loving and kind to your closest and dearest without keeping score. Love doesn’t seek equality, it’s the sincerity of one’s heart.

What’s the Price?

If sacrifice has a value

How much would you rate it?

To go through extreme measures

Enduring countless challenges

Giving it all without questioning

Painstakingly exercising patience

In the name of sacrifice

Is it ultimately worth it?

Where glory is never to be found

Tho heartaches are aplenty

Losing yourself in the process

And probably some dignity

What is it then

If sacrifice has a value?

Respond Don’t React

Have you ever noticed in an unfavourable situation, there’s something good that accompanies it? If you try responding with a rational mind, instead of allowing your emotion to take over, you’ll see the predicament as an essential part of getting to the good stuff. No, this isn’t about the bad thing magically disappears. It’s just the ability to see the positive side even in the bleakest hour.

When your initial reaction is to break down or go mad, it’s not easy to respond rationally. So usually, I’d force my brain to see the situation as a separate thing from me. By detaching myself, I don’t associate the problem as mine and it becomes easier to deal with as the third party. It works most of the time…on good days. Nothing is foolproof in this world, not even the words of the wisest man!

In life, positive and negative energy coexist in harmony. Good, bad and everything else are here to provide a balance. We can’t stop bad things from happening but we can control how we react towards it.