Lesson 21 @ Regina Brett

Celebrate life- it’s the only one you have.


“Burn the Candles, Use the Nice Sheets, Wear the Fancy Lingerie. Don’t Save Anything for a Special Occasion. Today Is Special Enough.”

If we knew our expiry date, we would all work hard to enjoy ourselves more. Somehow we keep waiting for the right day or the right time or the right something to come along before we start acting like life is truly worth living. What we need to realize is, no matter how patiently we wait for that precious moment it won’t arrive at the right time. Regardless, nobody can force you to change your mind or be happy when you aren’t. If you wish to wait before you embrace life vigorously, so be it. Sometimes good things do come to those who wait, and sometimes there’s only misery.

But today is a special day. You’re still breathing and all your senses are at their peak. Enjoy this day as it is and be truly grateful that life is giving you this treat. Go get yourself ready darlings. Let’s go celebrate!

A Choice

Today choose to see

Kindness and generosity

Today choose to hear

Words of positivity

Today choose to utter

Uplifting sincerity

Today choose to share

Meaningful story

Today choose to be

Nothing but humanely

Money Matters

Next time someone tells you that money is NOT everything, that’s a lie. It is the very thing that we need to stay alive and live well. We can’t survive only on a diet of fresh air, sunlight and water like the plants. Though it would make life a lot simpler by having uncomplicated needs as such.

Nowadays, our living expenses keep rising and it’s mostly unparallelled to the income that’s generated every month. No matter how carefully you plan your budget, something unexpected always crop up. At times you can stretch it, other times you can’t. Then, it becomes a dilemma of priorities where you won’t be able to decide on what’s important anymore.

Money may not be everything and it won’t guarantee happiness. But, ironically, without having enough at our disposal, it’ll be the very thing that causes worries and despair. Relationships get affected, and mental health deteriorates- the kind of snowball effect that probably won’t end too nicely.

Survival in the 21st century requires enough money for the essentials and a little extra on the side. The latter is a must in ensuring a healthier life that’s not burden by financial woes. Of course, having some extra can afford you a pair of super chic shoes that’ll boost your well being and fill your heart with joy. Sometimes, a short term happiness is the answer to a fulfilled life. And obviously thanks to money for making it possible!

Parents, Blow Your Horn

Parents are exceptional people and they need to be celebrated for their amazing expertise in parenting.

Whether you’re a mum or a dad, a stepmum or a stepdad, a single mum or a single dad, an aunt or an uncle, a grandma or a grandpa, a sister or a brother, a woman or a man who’s responsible for looking after a child, you’re a parenting idol. Being the carer, you’re known as the parent of the child. A role that comes with huge responsibilities and quite a number of occupational hazards.

Because of the risky lifestyle that you keep facing everyday, your amazing achievements in numerous feats that only a parent knows how, should be celebrated. Such as,

  • preparing meals and snacks for a picky eater and a ravenous monster, so they won’t go hungry throughout the day (regardless how the food gets to the table, isn’t an issue here)
  • ensuring a clean supply of clothes for daily wear, despite only seeing the piles of washing that need to be done, in the laundry baskets and on the floor
  • your expertise in finding lost items from the most treasured underwear to the easily missed minuscule hand of a lego minifigure
  • being the most reliable alarm clock that doesn’t run on batteries and can wake everyone at different times, without having to reset it
  • a walking and talking dictionary that possibly has a bilingual option, with interchangeable explanation and translation tools
  • a Google expert who finds the answers by a simple touch and swipe, and best of all, it’s able to function without wifi sometimes
  • a homework helper machine that can provide support and coaching in most areas of the curriculum- when it can’t, the Google expert will step in
  • a life skills’ coach who teaches those functional stuff like cleaning up after your own mess, boiling water in a kettle for times when a hot water dispenser isn’t available, taking trash out on collection day, washing dishes before there’s none left to use, turning off electricity when not in use for energy conservation and saving costs etc.
  • fixing things using tapes, super glue and whatnots
  • DIY, art projects and research work advisor
  • kisssing countless boo- boos to make it better and tries hard to believe that it actually works
  • highly sought after problem solver who’s on demand round the clock
  • a skilful driver, professional chauffeur and bodyguard all rolled into one

Though being a parent can be a nightmare at times, do know that you’re doing just fine by loving and caring for your children in the best possible way. No one should undermine what or how you do it. As a parent, you’re simply wonderful ❤

Words Wonder

Words can heal, inspire and give comfort. Without words, life is nothing but an empty vessel heading nowhere.

Breathe in deeply, exhale slowly.

Love wholeheartedly.

Mindfulness matters a great deal.

Spread good vibes only.

Today was a good day, even if all you did was breathing and living.

Always have faith, and never stop believing in it.

Free your mind, body and soul.

Keep hope alive until your last breath.

Let’s coffee…coffee makes you happy. Trust me.


‘Hope is the thing with feathers That perches in the soul And sings the tunes without the words And never stops at all’~Emily Dickinson

Say you’ve given your all as you trudge through trying times, but still end up in a dark tunnel that’s leading to nowhere. What should you do?

Naturally, giving up seems like the most likeliest choice. After all, what else is there when you’ve tried everything, with the hope of arriving at the solution. Yes, you hope. And hoping is the very thing that keeps you going as long as you believe in it.

We are powerless in avoiding life’s uncertainties, no matter how carefully everything is planned. But hope allows us to have a little glimmer of possibilities when there’s nothing much for us to grasp. Without hope, there’s only an emptiness in the soul, that becomes a setback in facing challenging times. It’s like giving up before the race even starts.

So, chin’s up and carry on. Let hope keeps you warm, no matter what comes your way or how it’s going to end. Have confidence that hope will see you through.

Because It’s Questionable

At some point in life, you’d probably question yourself about the choices that you made.

If you could, would you turn back the clock and fiddle with the past for a more favourable outcome?

Did you envision any of the circumstances that shape your (then) future?

What are the impacts on your life now?

Are you yearning for something different?

Why do you have children, if you aren’t ready for parenthood?

Having children of your own, don’t you agree that a mum knows best?

Would you work and travel extensively before settling down to raise your kids?

Have you ever thought of changing your career when unfounded criticism got the best of you?

When you hit your lowest low, did you ever feel like giving up everything?

Your family and children are always above your own needs. Why?

As you go through a rough patch, have you ever questioned your faith in God?

Can’t you simply accept what life dishes out without complaining?

I used to believe that I wouldn’t entertain such thoughts. In reality, the questions would be playing in my head like a broken record accompanied by a terrible pain in my heart. Such is the human heart- mushy and easily troubled over things it has no control.

But we mustn’t let the undesirable results of our choices drag us down. Try to remember the times when you got it right and how it lifted your spirit for as long as you allow it. Do the same when it’s not. Acknowledge the hurt, note the lesson learnt and move on. You’re still in control of your life. It’s your decision to dwell in the regretful past or lead a life worth living. After all, life is about choices and consequences.