“Only those who care about you can hear you when you’re quiet”

Taking time off from social media can do a lot of good. Having your senses bombarded by all sorts of news and images, from the most beautiful to the extremely disturbing, can directly affect your emotional and mental well – being. Not to mention the in betweens, where you’re super pleased that a long divorced friend is finally married but secretly turning green after seeing her new lavish lifestyle. That’s just an example. There are too many things that can rock your zen, by simply being human.

As you’re enjoying your solitude (away from all the virtual relationships) while being present, to those around you, try to take notice of what’s happening in your life. First, your attentiveness will increase, and you’ll understand why your kids get upset with you previously. Then, you’ll find spare time that seems to disappear whenever you used to be busy in the other world. Next, you’re at peace with everything because your life revolves around those who matters most. And that’s it. No dramas, no competitions, no envies, no headaches from problems that is of no concern to you. Finally, take notice of your real friends and families- the ones you actually mingle with in person. People who care will try to reach you in every possible way or stand outside your front door wondering what in the world is happening to you. They can hear your silence…

As an introvert, I find socialising on social media easier to handle than being out there rubbing shoulders with others. So, to strike a balance, I let my senses decide when I need to take a break and spend some time in ‘solitude’. It works well for me so far…


Ramadan Kareem

Today marks the first day of Ramadan for the majority of Muslims around the world. A month that has been eagerly waited for its oppurtunities to become a better worshipper, as well as the abundance of blessings from Allah s.w.t. the Almighty. It’s a good time for reflection, renewing of faith, on top of remembering those in need and trying to do our bit in helping them. Personally, the challenge of the fasting month is not about the abstinence from food/drink/anything else that’s not allowed; it’s in maintaining one’s patience when being confronted by one hundred and one humans’ antics 😊

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A Clutter Free Lifestyle 

A minimalist at heart, I embrace the concept of decluttering in all aspects of living. For me, a well organized home is a top priority as I don’t like having to search for something all over the house. Everything has its place and if it gets too crowded then something has to go. However, living with four kids between the age of 2 to 15, and a husband who has a varied collection of sports equipment, as well as memorabilia from his younger years, I have to fight for space. Clearing my personal stuff is easy for I declutter all the time. It has become a habit where I’ll review my wardrobe, reading materials, storage and kitchen every couple of months. Over the years, I’ve learnt to detach from forming an attachment to the worldly materials in my life. Glad to say that I rarely feel the need to hold on to something for sentimental value anymore. Yeay!

So here are some of my decluttering strategies:

  1. Clothes: take them out and organize into similar groups that can be based on types of clothing or colours. Then sort out the ones that you haven’t worn for the last 3 months. Try it on. Do you look good and feel good? Would you wear it tomorrow? If the answer is negative put aside.
  2. Handbags: similar to clothes, group them and work out which haven’t seen the daylight for more than 3 months. Next, pick an outfit that you love wearing and choose a bag to go with it from the unused group. If you can’t find any that match your style, then it’s best to let it go.
  3. Shoes: try them on and be honest. The ones you haven’t worn because you don’t have anything to wear them with, must go. As for sitting-down shoes (those elegant killer heels that you wear for formal dinner but aren’t comfortable to walk in), only keep a pair that goes with most outfits. Anything that you planned to send to the cobbler since months ago, just say goodbye.
  4. Reading materials: limit your books to a favourite Top 20 (or 50, depending on the space that you have). Be it a favourite author/ best seller/ beautiful cover/ one of a kind storyline/ collector’s copy or whatever it may be just be firm. As soon as you buy a new book, you have to make way for it to be there. With magazines, keep the most recent or cut out articles and file them in a folder.
  5. Other stuff e.g. tableware/china/silver, decorations, electrical appliances: if you shoved them to the back of a cupboard or stored them in unopened boxes without even taking them out, they’re not meant for keeps.
  6. As for the rest of the family, I make them go through the same process and provide containers to store things they can’t part with…until the next reviewing session 😉

Now, do you have any other tips for a clutter free living? Please share! I’d love to hear your ideas 😍

“Get rid of anything that isn’t useful, beautiful or joyful”~ Regina Brett

TOP 10 DO’s

This is my list on how to function at the most optimum state of being:

  • Drink a glass of water half an hour after waking up in the morning
  • Pray or meditate to refocus and be grateful for a new day- also choose one thing to improve on such as not drinking too much coffee
  • Go for a quick walk and breathe in the cool morning air
  • Take a cold shower for a refreshing start (Malaysia is pretty warm these days, so I usually skip the water heater)
  • Get dressed in something comfortable (not scratchy and sweaty) but chic enough to go anywhere or be seen by anyone
  • Have a cup of piping hot coffee to rev up the brain 
  • Spend at least an hour on my own or with like minded adult- away from the adorable but distracting kids
  • Be inspired by reading thoughtful posts on social media 
  • Laugh at the funnies and share them with others
  • Drink more piping hot coffee or tea or chocolate (and water of course) to stay sane and in the game

So, how do you keep it together when life is one long winding road? Care to share?