Blessing Twenty

When empathy is present, you know you are (or trying to be) a decent human being. Don’t be hard on others because life is hard as it is.


Blessing Fourteen

A fit and healthy body with every single part functioning effectively; and well supported by a balanced emotion.

Randomness At 40++ (Part 2)

When you’re above 40…

  • Fads are no longer on your curiosity list. It’s rather nice to be different than blending in…oblivious than know-it-all.
  • You don’t wait for a special reason to reward yourself. Each breathing moment is a celebration itself.
  • For a peace of mind, forgiving someone comes naturally as emotional baggage is downright draining.
  • Taking full responsibility of your mistakes instead of playing the blame game to appease your ego.
  • Your kids are unique individuals who happen to share your genes, but that’s where the similarity ends. Don’t expect them to be like you.
  • It doesn’t matter whether you eat to live or live to eat. Life’s too short to worry about your diet.
  • Be loving and kind to your closest and dearest without keeping score. Love doesn’t seek equality, it’s the sincerity of one’s heart.

Lesson 21 @ Regina Brett

“Burn the Candles, Use the Nice Sheets, Wear the Fancy Lingerie. Don’t Save Anything for a Special Occasion. Today Is Special Enough.”

If we knew our expiry date, we would all work hard to enjoy ourselves more. Somehow we keep waiting for the right day or the right time or the right something to come along before we start acting like life is truly worth living. What we need to realize is, no matter how patiently we wait for that precious moment it won’t arrive at the right time. Regardless, nobody can force you to change your mind or be happy when you aren’t. If you wish to wait before you embrace life vigorously, so be it. Sometimes good things do come to those who wait, and sometimes there’s only misery.

But today is a special day. You’re still breathing and all your senses are at their peak. Enjoy this day as it is and be truly grateful that life is giving you this treat. Go get yourself ready darlings. Let’s go celebrate!

My mojo’s gone missing,

I wonder where she’s been,

Spending my time looking,

But she’s nowhere to be seen.

She loves hiding in my car,

Cruising happily on the highway,

Doesn’t matter near or far,

We enjoy each other anyway.

Hopefully she’ll come back soon,

I’m missing her very much,

She lights the darkness like the moon,

My life is dull without her touch.

Missing Mojo