Blessing Seven

The purity of a child’s love that flows from the depth of his little heart. Together with its blend of freshness, hope and innocence, you’ll never feel the same about loving another…


Blessing Five

Surviving another long night without becoming zombified, when your irritable baby or troublesome teenager keeps you wide awake.

Blessing One

Loving your child is given, but liking him as a person is a grand thing. Such a blessing it is to experience both, especially when some parents find the latter challenging.

Small View, Big Perspective

Through the eyes of a little person, life is limitless without boundaries. Rules and societal expectations are none existent, and you’re free to form your own understanding on how the world works. Impossible and what-ifs are not heard of because as long as you believe in something, it would be true. You may say that you’re a princess or a superhero, and nobody’s going to deny you of your birthright because you are who you are, and that’s that.

Such is the world that my Little Missy is living in; unicorns and coloured ponies are as normal as cats and dogs on the street. It’s a place where the tooth fairy is happily collecting precious milk teeth from under some pillows, while beautiful angels keep an eye on the young and old. And a magic wand, if you happen to own one, is a powerful weapon of change that needs careful handling.

Even when my Little Missy is cautious of others, she still welcomes their company. Though she has some reservations about new stuff, she’s curious to have a go. With her, opportunities are excitedly embraced with just a slight hesitation (in case something goes wrong) at the start.

Perhaps we need to loosen up and take a lesson from Little Missy and her young friends. Look at the bigger picture, explore the experience and stop focusing on the unnecessary details. Sometimes life needs to be enjoyed by throwing caution to the wind…

Caught Up

As I was rushing home after a class, I bumped into an ex-student and her mum. Now the girl is a teenager and looking all grown up. In my eyes I can still see the sweet little Japanese girl who was all friendly and shy at the same time. Her pleasant ways with everybody and her lovely notes for me are still fresh on my mind. And the tears she shed on the last day of school because I wouldn’t return the following year. I promised to visit but that didn’t happen. It really got me. Until now.

Growing up aren’t just for young ones and teens. Even adults are going through the process without realizing that it’s happening to them. We’re not grown ups. We’re simply grown adults.


Wisdom of a Tween

“When you desperately want something, God won’t give it to you. Instead, be grateful for what you have, and you’ll be rewarded accordingly”.

*Quoted from one of my students.