Fathomable Faith

If an uninvited emotion turns up and unleashes its torment, leaving you covered with aches and bruises, don’t despair. Amid the turbulence, God is preparing a path for your way out. Know that sometimes all good planning takes a longer preparation.

*Sheer-scribbles series


Busy Much?

I don’t need to pretend to be busy because I am. Even when you don’t see me doing anything, the chaos inside my head is keeping me pretty much occupied.

*Sheer-scribbles series

Killing Time

People say all sorts of things

Just to fill the void

I keep fiddling with my rings

Trying not to be annoyed.

Some are genuinely nice

While others are clearly not

They freely give advice

But I’m not easily bought.

My poor head is pounding

As the chatters continue

This fake smile is thinning

Though none takes the cue.

How sad if my end is here

Drowning in a mindless chat

It’s not death that I fear

But the fact of where I’m at.

I’d rather be lost in solitude

Having silence for company

Enduring with great fortitude

Away from chattery tyranny.

No Dramas Please

I’ve a fair share of high dramas, so I totally don’t need to get sucked into others’.

*Sheer-scribbles series


Frozen icicles aren’t as cold as your stare piercing through my heart.

*Sheer-scribbles series

Stay in the Moment

Cherish the unfolding moment wholeheartedly as much as possible. Let its imprint tattooed in your memory. Forget the social media updates just for a bit; for photos capture the sight, but never the soul within. Perhaps there’s a time when the memory is all you have…at least it’s filled with plenty of good stuff to replay.

Which is Worse?

Indifference has nothing to do with ignorance. It’s a choice of being detached rather than having lack of knowledge.

Blessing Twenty-seven

Being content with who you are, where you are and what you have.

Contentment is not about accepting a mediocre life. It comes from knowing that certain things are meant to be just so, in attaining true happiness.

Blessing Twenty-six

Making progress, albeit rather slowly and too tiny to mention. A little something is better than nothing.

Blessing Twenty-two

Inner peace.

Chaos, problems and worries are staples of life. Try finding your inner peace and create the much needed sanctuary.

Blessing Twenty

When empathy is present, you know you are (or trying to be) a decent human being. Don’t be hard on others because life is hard as it is.

Blessing Sixteen

Patience while going through a rough ride, with absolute faith that it will be just right at the end.

Blessing Fifteen

A mother to love for eternity.

Right now, my mum’s Alzheimer isn’t so severe, but as it progresses, brain shrinkage will probably turn us into strangers. So whenever we chat, I’d often express my love, so that if that’s the last thing she remembers about me, it’s going to be the girl who keeps saying ‘I love you’ to her.

Blessing Fourteen

A fit and healthy body with every single part functioning effectively; and well supported by a balanced emotion.

Blessing Nine

Waking up in the morning after a night time sleep…when you wouldn’t know if your final goodbye came a moment too soon.

Blessing Eight

A smile speaks a thousand words, mends a wounded heart and intensifies one’s beauty. The magic it creates is mystifying.

Blessing Seven

The purity of a child’s love that flows from the depth of his little heart. Together with its blend of freshness, hope and innocence, you’ll never feel the same about loving another…

Blessing Four

Untie the emotional bind that’s slowing you down, by accepting an apology with an open heart. Moving on, never looking back.

Blessing Two

Stuck in misery, the last thing you expected is a chance meeting with a total stranger…and a generous serving of kind words to heal the troubled soul.

Blessing One

Loving your child is given, but liking him as a person is a grand thing. Such a blessing it is to experience both, especially when some parents find the latter challenging.