Lost & Found

Inner peace, life is a total chaos when you’re not around.


I lost my inner peace the other day.

It was such a horrible feeling to overcome, as I’ve kept it so well before. For days nothing seemed right. I became anxious and unfocused in dealing with everyday stuff. To make it worse, I turned into a pitiful banshee and a wicked witch at the slightest trigger. It was like living in a mad house created by my own Jekyll and Hyde. I hated myself, my actions and my words- the ones that managed to escape loudly as well as those battling silently inside.

In my head I knew I should’ve stopped it from spiralling out of control, but somehow knowing wasn’t enough. Each time I broke down, I promised and I prayed that’d be the last. I kept reciting healing words and prayers to soothe my troubled soul, whilst hoping for the return of my inner peace.

Then with God’s grace it came back, as though it hadn’t left my side. And, I’m finally at peace now…thankfully.

Mysterious Beauty

A thing of beauty will forever remain elusive in its exclusivity.

A laughter that rings the sweetest of melody

Like a symphony echoing on the mountain top

With an engaging smile spreading ray of light

Its golden halo stretching miles apart

And as hopeful admirers keep wishing for more

She vanishes as quickly as she appears.

Which one for you?

Though the decision is not ours, surely having a preference is allowed.

Romance and passion go hand in hand, as one won’t strive without the other. Myriads of unexplained emotions intensify the overwhelming experience. Unapologetic and rash while demanding for attention.

Whereas true love is subtle, as it quietly finds its way without causing so much of a stir. Keeping a respectful distance, yet making a strong presence even from afar.

Lesson 21 @ Regina Brett

Celebrate life- it’s the only one you have.

“Burn the Candles, Use the Nice Sheets, Wear the Fancy Lingerie. Don’t Save Anything for a Special Occasion. Today Is Special Enough.”

If we knew our expiry date, we would all work hard to enjoy ourselves more. Somehow we keep waiting for the right day or the right time or the right something to come along before we start acting like life is truly worth living. What we need to realize is, no matter how patiently we wait for that precious moment it won’t arrive at the right time. Regardless, nobody can force you to change your mind or be happy when you aren’t. If you wish to wait before you embrace life vigorously, so be it. Sometimes good things do come to those who wait, and sometimes there’s only misery.

But today is a special day. You’re still breathing and all your senses are at their peak. Enjoy this day as it is and be truly grateful that life is giving you this treat. Go get yourself ready darlings. Let’s go celebrate!

Missing Mojo

Dear Mojo, please come out of your hiding place. I promise to be more attentive and not getting sidetracked by life.

My mojo’s gone missing,

I wonder where she’s been,

Spending my time looking,

But she’s nowhere to be seen.

She loves hiding in my car,

Cruising happily on the highway,

Doesn’t matter near or far,

We enjoy each other anyway.

Hopefully she’ll come back soon,

I’m missing her very much,

She lights the darkness like the moon,

My life is dull without her touch.

Caught Up

A chance encounter and a flood of memories.

As I was rushing home after a class, I bumped into an ex-student and her mum. Now the girl is a teenager and looking all grown up. In my eyes I can still see the sweet little Japanese girl who was all friendly and shy at the same time. Her pleasant ways with everybody and her lovely notes for me are still fresh on my mind. And the tears she shed on the last day of school because I wouldn’t return the following year. I promised to visit but that didn’t happen. It really got me. Until now.


Randomness for the day.

Growing up aren’t just for young ones and teens. Even adults are going through the process without realizing that it’s happening to them. We’re not grown ups. We’re simply grown adults.