Blessing Fifteen

A mother to love for eternity.

Right now, my mum’s Alzheimer isn’t so severe, but as it progresses, brain shrinkage will probably turn us into strangers. So whenever we chat, I’d often express my love, so that if that’s the last thing she remembers about me, it’s going to be the girl who keeps saying ‘I love you’ to her.


Blessing Fourteen

A fit and healthy body with every single part functioning effectively; and well supported by a balanced emotion.

Blessing Twelve

Each one of us has the innate ability to change for the better. Taking a tiny step is similar to making a huge leap, as changes only happen when you’re ready; for the power lies within you.

Blessing Eleven

When others are curious about your life, let them in. You don’t have to like them, but do be cordial during their stay…it won’t be long before they get bored. Sometimes people come into your life for you to learn something new. It’s not about them, it’s all about you.