G’bye June, Hello July!

With the many things that took place in the month of June, the weeks felt short as the days blurred by. Honestly I didn’t get a chance to digest and think properly, but had to let everything washed over me. Now I’m left with a combination of mixed feelings and a strange aftertaste. 

Since it was also the holy month of Ramadhan for the Muslims, observing the obligatory fasting somehow affected my night time sleep. I ended up taking too many short naps in the day which was pretty unusual for me. As a result, sluggishness was hard to rid off and it stayed a bit longer than expected.

Anyhow despite the erratic rhythm in June, there were abundance of blessings sprinkled on my path. Alhamdulillah. All praises to Allah for His love and mercy. 

Let me share my list of gratitude:

Mr Teen was accepted and started the second half of the year at a new school with a smaller class roll. 

Mr Tween and Little Missy showed positive progress in their recent exam. 

For the first time Little Missy tried fasting and managed to do a full day.

Had short catch-up sessions with a couple of good friends.

Secured some freelance jobs for the coming months.

Although my father-in-law is still warded at the hospital, he is steadily recovering.

There are many tests thrown in my direction, but I’m at peace with myself.

As July is approaching, I’m praying for a better time and a fresh start, so I can do things with my eyes wide open and the brain is working well. I’ll do what it takes to live a life worth living while riding through the storms.


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