Randomness at 40 ++

When you’re above 40

  • Although immuned to flattery, you can’t deny that it totally gets you when someone younger thinks you’re of the same age.
  • You’re either mellower or more opinionated about everything that’s happening in the world.
  • Being comfortable in your own skin is a gift that you wish for yourself. 
  • To be described as cool, no matter how corny it sounds, adds springs to your steps. 
  • In your mind, you stop growing past a certain age. If you have children, they get older every year on their birthday, but you remain ageless.
  • You come to terms that some friendships don’t last and it’s not anyone’s fault.
  • Spending money on a skincare is a must, but make-up takes a backseat.
  • It’s a proud moment when you’re no longer judgemental of other women, and embrace them in sisterhood.
  • The realization that your mum knows best is almost 80% accurate.
  • You know for sure that money can’t buy happiness. But it can provide a life that you can enjoy and experience that goodness.

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