Who Do You Missed, Ms?

I miss teaching. But more than that I’m missing students who are attached to me for the whole academic year. Being involved in their learning journey, discovering new stuff together and watching them grow as a learner and an individual is one of the most heart warming experience. It’s like that proud parent moment when your child reaches his milestones. There would be tough times for sure, but it would be forgotten far too soon.

Some of my fond memories stretched back almost two decades ago during my first year of teaching. Those kids are now adults who are either working or studying in universities. Their childlike faces in my photos collection, are precious reminder of how I was a part of their childhood. Hopefully, they’ll think fondly of me sometimes.

The reality is teachers don’t need awards or recognitions to fuel their passion. As long as their memory lives on in the hearts of their students, they’ll carry on teaching until the end. One day I’d love to meet my little people and ask them, “What are you up to guys?”


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