Ditch that Thought 

There’s nothing more depressing than the feeling of helplessness while seeing everything spiralling out of control. Like the moment you knocked down a jug of milk but was unable to grab it before it came crashing to the floor. Instantly thoughts of cleaning up hit you and that itself upset your whole being. The mess, the stickiness, the scattered pieces of chinaware… But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Things can be fixed, only death is permanent. So we should do what we can to make things better and lighten up a little. There’s no need for melodrama. Leave it to the producers of TV shows and movies to make money out of it. Instead, try fixing a broken object/ heart/ relationship or anything within the humanely power that we possess. Your heart will bloom with gratitude and signals this to the brain. Which results in a positive outlook to life, no matter how bleak it may be, there’s always a beauty wriggling its way out.

Keep nasty out of business and help goodness to prevail. 


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