Oh, It’s Time to Let Go

Earlier today, Mr.Teen went off for a netball competition over the weekend with his team mates and he’d only be back on Sunday. When I sent him to the train station, I found it hard to simply let him go and wait for his friends on his own. Of course he insisted that he’d be fine. Why wouldn’t he? So after failing to convince him that it’d be better to wait in the car, called out the last I-love-you, I reluctantly drove away while still glancing at the rear mirror watching the boy whom I had to leave behind.

That brought back to mind the chats we had last night.

Me: No fava beans.                                           Mr.T: Who eats that these days?                 Me: They’re in mixed nuts snacks. Oh,     no nuts. Just don’t eat nuts. That’s safer. Mr.T: (Rolled his eyes)                                     Me: Don’t touch mothballs or anything     suspicious. Not even smell. Mr.T: I know! I’m not stupid to do that.

Those were just snippets of what took place between us. He was probably frustrated with being treated like a novice on his first sleepover. This wasn’t his first at all. He has made many trips without me or his dad, and he managed just fine. In fact, there was a sleepover for a friend’s birthday treat at a hotel without hovering parents nearby. 

Now, it struck me how trite it sounded especially when I recalled all the things I repeatedly saying. At the same time it’s normal for parents to become a worrywart when they aren’t there to protect one precious child (no matter how super annoying he is) from unknown danger. I have every right to worry how ever much I want to but I must remember to do one thing. Take a chill pill. Mr. Teen told me once to stop thinking negatively about people. A little trust is all it needs.

Oh, did I mention that Mr. Tween had a sleepover at school last weekend? I did exactly the same thing. Reminders and more reminders…the best one I reckon was this: pee before your bedtime. As if he doesn’t know, right?

Luckily that boy didn’t become all annoyed and brushed me off. Perhaps there’s still a little room for patience in him. Must thank my lucky star for this!


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