A Piece of Peace

Seeking for a balanced life where the scales aren’t lopsided, is an illusive desire for perfection. I want nothing of it. What I’m holding dearly now is the inner peace- a sincere acceptance that chaos and downturns are equally important in making the journey counts. All the cobbled paths and diversions will help me in becoming more agile when thinking and taking actions. Sometimes they can also be a source of free entertainment when you’re with the right company (my sidekick AJ will surely agree).

However, achieving the inner peace isn’t particularly easy. It involves a lot of work in the inside before you can see the result. Like a battle between good and evil, there’s so much going on with your conscience and feelings that you won’t be able to tell who’ll triumph at the end.

Well, despite the odds, I’m going to continue working on my inner peace until it becomes a part of my being. First, let’s learn to breathe mindfully…inhale, exhale.


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