Mum’s the Word

A mum’s love knows no boundaries
It spreads its arms far and wide
No matter how far the distance is
She’ll always be present right beside
Her love is also quick to tell
When something is amiss
At the moment her precious fell
Instinctively ESP will signal this

A mum’s love is solid and strong
Doesn’t give a hoot to what others say
But if you falsely accused her brood did wrong
It’d be best to be on your way
Always caring as well as giving
Juggling her plates whilst on the go
When she gets a few hours of sleeping
Darn lucky of her for getting so

A mum’s love is ever so warm
Like a security blanket to have for keeps
She’ll stand bravely in the fiercest storm
Holding tightly her baby who weeps
She’s the keeper, the healer, the one with the answer
It’s her love that makes her children bloom
Dear God, please bless her life forever
Without a mum’s love there’s nothing but gloom


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