T & T

What do toddlers and teens have in common?

Sulking in the corner 

when not getting their way

Slamming the door 

for some much needed attention

Rolling eyes

as you open your mouth

Taking it out on  a sibling

’cause it’s you they can’t touch 

Talking back big time

only they know what’s best

Nonsensical mutterings

can be frustratingly hard to understand 

Fearless adrenaline junkies always game for some thrills

while catastrophe and injuries are adults paranoia it seems

So called eclectic style

works beautifully (only) on them

Ignore all the No’s and make them a Yes

a mantra they keep day in and day out

Oh, it’s all about me

Just me

Only me

Get that?

P/S My Mr. Teen and Missy Toddler get along famously. Having shared many irresistible traits, they recognize their special bond through and through. Here’s to peace and quiet at home…



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