Only the Darkness Knows

Only the darkness knows

Of pain and sorrow

That’s been carefully hidden

Within the safe walls

Camouflage by an ever ready smile

And a tinkle of light hearted laughter

And a pair of shadowless eyes

Bright and clear

Full of life

Nothing gives away

Of the hardened turmoil

No matter how deep it is probed

As the truth surfaces

It’s then too late

Where unthinkable is rashly dismissed

With a wave of the hand

And a scoff

Only the darkness knows

Of silent pleas

And screaming hearts

Murderous minds and helpless souls

Wanting to reach out

But afraid to face

Unwarranted attention and put-up sympathy

Appearing weak with desolation

For some understanding

That may not come

Or perhaps only scorns and finger pointing

Only the darkness knows

What it is like to be alone

And misunderstood.



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