Borrowing Oprah’s Wisdom


Life ends when we stop trying. It also ends when we stop questioning and leaving everything to chance. Start taking control of the steering wheel, discover the roads not taken with an open eyes and an open heart. Soak it all in. Reflect and learn from the journey to become a better person even if it ends unfavourably. That’s the learning process. And that’s what life is all about.


2 thoughts on “Borrowing Oprah’s Wisdom

  1. Thanks for the feedback! I know some people who find it easier to let things be rather than doing something about their predicament. Well, it’s a choice isn’t it? Anyway, I like how you said it ” let’s be continual student”…we’ll get so much more out of life that way!


  2. in order to be happy in life, a lot of it comes down to how in control we feel over our life. most people who hate their job typically didn’t design that to be their life. they just fell into it. I agree we have to take control of the steering wheel for our own life and stop letting things be up to chance. Let’s be continual students. nice post:)

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