If you’re a freethinker,

I won’t force you to accept my belief.

If you’re single and has no interest in a relationship,

I won’t ask you why.

If you’re childless after years of marriage,

I won’t bring up the topic to offer free advice.

If you’re being unfairly judgemental,

I won’t even try to change your narrow mindset.

If you’re bitter about life,

I won’t let you inflict your pessimism.

If you’re living with an abusive partner,

I won’t ask you to stay for the sake of your children or the fear of the threats.

If you’re feeling depressed and saying so,

I won’t dismiss it as tiredness from your busy life.

If you’re unable to achieve happiness even when you have all you need,

I won’t judge you too quickly and label you an ungrateful b****

If you’re an unkempt homemaker (with a child in tow) or a carer of your ill or aging loved ones,

I won’t make you feel insecure by calling you lazy and unorganized.

If you’re hurting but unwilling to disclose your griefs,

I won’t pressure you to share just be there to show I care.

If you’re bold and reckless hungry for adventures,

I won’t clip your wings but pray for your safety.

But if you’re rude,

I won’t take it sitting down- that’s where I draw the line.


4 thoughts on “If

  1. I love this poem! That’s how it should be but generally people are just too insensitive about others and very judgemental.


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