I’m a MUM

Life has always been busy and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Not having to leave the house for work and staying home don’t make much difference. But it’s a great feeling to be there for the kids completely instead of barking orders and telling them to get on because ‘I’m very busy’. Busy was my middle name when I was a working mum. The time that I had for my kids was pretty rushed. Learning to be in the moment by focusing on what’s happening without worrying (or pretending not to worry) about the passing time takes a lot of self-control. Although there are only four kids (err, five including their dad who should hire a personal assistant for all the reminders that I need to remember), juggling their daily activities and demands can be quite tricky. Thankfully my multi-tasking skill isn’t too bad, so it helps a little. That aside, I’m still struggling and sometimes I let negativity gets the best of me, which can be unpleasant. So what’s the most brilliant pick me up? Call a friend for a chat or leave the house. Just leave. Haha…

Photo credit: loveandmarriageblog.com, momsgotink



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