Do You Love-You?

How much do you love yourself? 

Do you think you deserve to be loved fully and deeply?

Are you worthy of the love that you give to others?

Would you fall in love or be in love with someone like you?

Are you easy to love?

Have you ever doubt the love that’s shown to you?

Do you, love yourself wholeheartedly?

It’s a fact, a rather sad fact that there are people who struggle to give themselves the love they rightfully deserve. Often they fail to see it and won’t realized the importance of having self-love. We’ve been taught that giving is expected and welcomed. The more you give, the greater the rewards would be. But what if you give so much and spread yourself too thin. Would that be any good to you?

Self-love has nothing to do with narcissism. It’s about loving the person that you are, being comfortable with yourself and respecting your own needs and wants. Be mindful of our actions by knowing we have every right to put ourselves first without having to feel bad  about it. Once the love shines through, no one would be able to break our spirits even when the odds are against us. You have all that you need within yourself. It’s a bonus to be loved by others.

Here’s the legendary Whitney Houston’s thoughts on self-love…

Click this link Greatest Love Of All
And if by chance that special place, 

That you’ve been dreaming of

Leads you to a lonely place,

Find your strength in love.


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