Time and Time Again

Someone seems to be fiddling with the time. An hour feels like 30 minutes and before you know it the day is already over. No matter how hard I tried to keep up, everyday is the same with the usual helter-skelter running around except on some Saturdays. I won’t bore you with the details as I’m sure yours are equally as packed and busy. So where did the time go? Let’s not talk about time management and poor prioritization because being a SAHM who also used to be a teacher, this is a non-issue. I’m supposed to be an expert. Right? Ho hum…

Nowadays, there is an over-reliance on modern technology to cut down on time. From cleaning to cooking, working to shopping, communicating to socialising and learning to travelling, everything can be done in a shorter duration. Time saving appears to be an important aspect of our lives. Strangely when the time gets saved, we tend to add other things to fill up that free time. Why do we do this when we are meant to do less? Well, I guess being idle is likened to laziness, by keeping busy we are being productive, and that makes us feel good.

The truth is there’s nothing wrong with doing nothing. It’s unnecessary to justify being busy or lacking time to do anything. Even if time is getting shorter, things still get done but will take a little longer. Being overwhelmed by busyness can be a good thing. Being bored to death can be a good thing too…simply surrender yourself to the moment and enjoy whatever comes next!

This is my favourite ‘busy’ song by Bing Crosby  Busy Doing Nothing 

We’re busy doin’ nothin’

Workin’ the whole day through

Tryin’ to find lots of things not to do

We’re busy goin’ nowhere

Isn’t it just a crime

We’d like to be unhappy, but

We never do have the time


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