Baking Therapy

About two weeks ago, I received a sweet surprise from a friend who is a thriving online entrepreneur at Mama Chaks Online. Her store offers local and homemade products from various vendors, where you can place an order and it gets delivered to your doorstep. What’s not to love about online shopping- scroll, point and click. Your items will be with you without having to leave the house (with some tiny tots in tow trying to get a parking space and using all your wits to keep them ‘occupied’ so you can quickly grab your groceries and be home in time for the older ones to get there from school) There are food stuff like energy bars, frozen food, lactation cookies, premix bakes, beverages and even skincare on sale. Well, that’s just to name a few!

So, as I opened the package, a whiff of delicious aroma filled the air…there was not one but three packets of premix bakes waiting to be discovered! Stacked prettily against each other were BBB Dreamy Scones Premix,  BBB Perfect Butter Cake Premix and BBB Signature Dark Chocolate Brownies. BBB stands for Brown Butter Bakes a popular vendor at Mama Chaks who offers premix bakes and caramel sauce. Personally, I haven’t bought any items from BBB but I tasted the caramel sauce at a friend’s place where she used it in her dessert. Sweet and salty sensation😋😋😋

I think Shaz, the lovely friend who was responsible for the sweet surprise, probably read my pathetic post Sweet For My Sweets about not having time to bake. Whatever it was the timing was perfect- this mum was all gung-ho ready to put on her apron and whip up a treat! Alas, something came up and the baking dreams had to be put on hold for weeks…oh, such disappointment knowing I was that close to bakers’ heaven, yet time was as usual the major culprit.

After freeing myself from the many this and thats, the baking day arrived and I decided to kill two birds with one stone; a catch-up time cum baking session with my bestie and our kids. Yippee! I told the kids that they’d be baking brownies that afternoon. You can imagine the kind of excitement that came about especially from my pre-schooler who wanted to take charge of everything. Ooh, don’t ever underestimate the confidence of a 5++ year old.

Finally we baked for the first time this year. Guess who did most of the job? Hahaha… The kids took over and my bestie’s 10 year old daughter helped a lot. She was extremely patient to boot. My girls loved being involved, especially when breaking and beating the eggs😱Thankfully not that many cracked shells got into the mixture. The whole process didn’t take too long. Preparation was about 30 minutes, but it could be shorter if there was no disruption and another 30 minutes for baking. All in all, by using the premix we had our delicious brownies in an hour. Super lovely for harried mums and young kids to discover the wonderful world of baking!

An afternoon well spent in a good company for a timely downtime, while the kids got to enjoy the much awaited baking session. A win-win situation for us all.

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