Thank You for This Life

There is a random post on Facebook about the act of gratitude and how it can bring contentment to our lives. The writer stresses on the benefits of giving thanks for something small right up to the bigger stuff, as it can truly create such wonderfully warm feelings that will spread positive energy. I can’t agree more and I also believe that God is always providing us with uncountable things and experiences to be grateful for in order to be a better person. To think of it, probably nothing is a coincidence but an intricate connection of happenings that’s been predestined at birth.

What are you thankful for in this life? Could it be living in peace, having a job or just being alive? I’m certain there’s going to be one long list when it comes to this. Somehow it’s easy to take things for granted especially when you selfishly believe that you deserve it. If you look after your health like taking the most expensive supplements and working out religiously, you expect to be in the best of health. Unfortunately, one day you discovered a cancerous tumour growing in you. No one wants to be terminally ill but must one get upset if that’s the fate that’s been handed down? Perhaps when we change our mindset that the illness is a blessing in disguise, the anger can turn into gratitude and a positive change can be felt.

As I reached the 42nd year of my life, the realization of the many blessings left me feeling a little embarrassed. Clearly, I should be more grateful instead of complaining about things, unless I’m willing to make the changes myself. Be it about not having enough time in a day, to my middle-schooler’s lack of confidence in his ability, I don’t need to be in the doom and gloom (okay, these are very mild examples!). If you can’t change it, leave it. If you can, go get it done and stop making lame excuses.

Dear God, thank you for a great life with its many challenges that have left me shaken and bruised. The amazing ones sometimes make me forget that it’s also a test of my sincerity and understanding for the reason that I am here in this world. Life is a learning process and the exciting journey continues on because the best is yet to come.

My aim today is to start living with a purpose- to open up all my senses and be in the moment and keep giving thanks, even for the oxygen in the air that I breathe. Happy birthday to me! Here’s to appreciating life and living in gratitude 😃😍😃


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