Objects of Affection

Of all the senses, I truly value the gift of vision. Without a doubt the rest are equally important, but being able to see can bring much joy in the experience that it creates. Looking at the amazing sights of nature calm my troubled mind and leave me with hope to keep striving. The vibrant colours that catch our eyes as well as the dullness of humans’ mistakes, provide an interesting contrast in this world. Even the murkiest river and the barren desert are beautiful in their own right. It’s not what you see but how you feel by taking in the whole big picture. When I’m stuck indoors and need a quick pick-me-up, I’ll turn to my inspiration board and let my eyes soak in the wonderment of beauty in the cut-outs. They are a unique mixture of objects, people and places that remind me about this wonderful life…to live, to love, to enjoy, to appreciate while it lasts.


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