I’ve  been searching since my arrival

for an answer that seems so distant.

I’ve been listening to the sound of nature

that greets me with overwhelming emotion.

I’ve been seeing faces that light up with a smile

and offer warm hearts to this lost soul.

I’ve been hearing long gone voices, 

that belong to my father and those before him

(they remind me to be true to myself and my origin)

I’ve been looking at the mirror

and there’s a reflection of me with a blank expression on this face.

I’ve been trying in those earlier days

when everything was simple and easy to understand.

I’ve been remembering the good and bad times

but only the good lingers on.

I’ve been thinking real hard- an effort which isn’t easy

hoping for an answer to come instantly.

I’ve been feeling at last and I have to admit

that I’m lost in my search of identity.

Aiza @Life is Such


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